IELTS Coach Intensive – What’s in it?

English Online About our three IELTS Coach Courses

This IELTS Coach plan includes 50 class credits. You can use your class credits to book your own tailor-made combination of private or group classes, speaking practice tests and writing tutorials. A group class uses 1 credit and a private class uses 2 credits.

1 x 25-min personal needs analysis session:

The first step to put you on the right track in preparing for IELTS is to have a personal needs analysis with one of our expert IELTS teachers. You’ll receive an action plan with suggestions and resources to improve your band score.

55-min webinar about the IELTS test:

Attend a webinar about the General Training and Academic IELTS Test. Familiarise yourself with the format of the test, learn how the scoring works, the question types used, and other test specifications.

25-min private classes and 55-min group classes:

Attend private one-on-one or group classes designed to maximise your score across all four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

For example, our speaking classes focus on developing your Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Pronunciation. Your teacher will give you totally personalised feedback and, in private classes, you will receive a report with advice on how to improve.

In our private one-on-one or group writing classes you will learn how to identify key features of the different types of essays that commonly come up on IELTS as well as improve your grammar and vocabulary. These classes have been designed to help you maximise your score on IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2.

Every time you book a class you’ll have access to a set of online activities designed specifically for English Online IELTS Coach students. These activities will help ensure you get the score you need on the IELTS test, they are an excellent way to prepare for your lessons.

25-min speaking IELTS practice tests:

Take IELTS practice speaking tests conducted one-on-one with one of our expert IELTS teachers. Your teacher will give you personalised feedback on your speaking test with areas where you can improve your fluency and coherence, your lexical resource, the grammatical range and accuracy, and your pronunciation.

25-min writing tutorials:

Book a writing tutorial, bring a piece of writing you have done and receive feedback from one of our expert IELTS markers.

Unlimited access to live-stream language sessions (Live25):

join live stream language sessions with our expert teachers. Use these to brush up any areas of grammar that may be rusty.

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