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Give your loved ones the gift of English Language

Offer live English online classes with the world’s English experts.

  • 80+ years teaching expertise
  • 80+ million people
  • 80+ countries around the world

Another pair of earrings? A scented candle?

You ask yourself, “what can I buy that’ll actually be useful? That won’t end up sitting on a shelf unused?”

How about masterclasses with the world’s English experts?

Give them a gift that will help them realise their dreams, whether that be getting a new job, a promotion, or going to the university they’ve been fantasizing about.

Invest in the future of your loved ones!

Choose how many classes you want to gift

Choose between the following packages depending on how intense you want their learning experience to be.

For one month, you can choose between offering them:

Up to 4 group classes (1 class per week)
Up to 8 group classes (2 classes per week)
Up to 12 group classes (3 classes per week).

All packages include group and private classes, access to online materials and activities, access to teacher-led grammar webinars.

Students can use their credits to book group and private classes.

Group classes: 55 min / 1 credit
Private classes: 25 min / 2 credits

Class credits are valid one month after redemption.

Why you should offer English Online classes

Give them a gift that will help them realise their dreams.

With the English Online gift voucher, you could help them:

  • get a new job
  • get the promotion they’ve been waiting for
  • get into the university they’ve been aspiring to
    accomplish thousands of other dreams

We make sure we cater directly to your loved ones’ learning objectives.
Throughout their learning experience, we’ll put their success at the heart of learning.

They’ll be able to customise their learning with our flexible curriculum.

You’re offering them the chance to study in their own time and at their own pace, and create the perfect course to achieve their goals. With English Online, they will:

  • Choose the themes they want to study
  • Choose the teacher they want to study with
  • Create their lesson schedule

A 100% online and interactive adult course

They’ll join classmates from around the world in live online classes with expert teachers and:

  • have access to live online lessons available 24/7
  • practise with online activities and materials
  • Enhance their learning experience

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