Student Code of Conduct

All students on our courses must follow this Code of Conduct to maintain a positive learning environment for all. We may withdraw course access if you violate this code.

  1. Join classes on Zoom using your full name (first name + surname), as registered with us.
  2. Join classes on time, from a quiet place suitable for study.
  3. Join the Zoom class using only one device.
  4. Ensure you have a good internet connection for class.
  5. Avoid smoking, eating or any other activity that could be distracting for others.
  6. Wear suitable clothes. Do not wear anything offensive.
  7. Keep your camera on in class. If you cannot, please contact us here ( and explain why.
  8. Participate actively and respond to questions.
  9. Allow everyone to share their ideas; listening is also an important part of effective communication.
  10. Treat everyone with respect. You are in a global, multicultural classroom so be mindful of cultures different from your own.
  11. Consider internet safety and be careful about sharing personal information, e.g., emails or phone numbers, in Live Classes and Sharing Sessions.
  12. In Live classes, limit questions and comments to the class topic. You will have the opportunity for more informal, off-topic discussion in the Sharing Sessions.
  13. You should not take pictures of or record classes, or copy our products in any form.
  14. Children should not be visible onscreen at any time during class. If a child is visible, the teacher may have to remove you from class.
  15. Do not attend Live Classes while driving a car or doing any other activity where your safety is compromised by not paying 100% attention.
  16. Classes are only for adults. If you are under 18 years old, contact our Support team ( and they will try to find another course for you.

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