Customised online language training for businesses, institutions and governments

  • Live online classes focused on your business needs
  • Learning with bite-sized exercises
  • Learn anytime, anywhere

Why choose the British Council?

  • A trusted partner supporting you through consultation, design, delivery and evaluation.
  • Internationally qualified teachers who are highly experienced in corporate training and teaching online.
  • World-class content and a range of delivery options to meet your needs.
  • Global, scalable training solutions to meet your goals and fit your budget.
  • Customisable and engaging content taught by experienced, internationally qualified teachers.
  • Assessment, dashboards and targeted feedback that help you report training impact and return on investment.
  • Ideal solution for hybrid and remote teams

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A course adapted to your company and employee needs

Our full range of topics are curated for different learning styles. Live learning, self-study or a combination of both. Whether they are a beginner or an advanced student, our English language courses are designed for all levels.

Business English

  • Target the English learning needs of your employees by choosing from a wide variety of lessons.
  • Classes are led by highly qualified teachers who provide expert direction, motivating you to use the English language in any context.

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Professional Skills

  • Professional skills classes in English will help in becoming skill-ready for the workplace.
  • They target specific spoken and written business communication skills like giving a winning presentation and writing modern business documents.

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Prepare for IELTS

  • Help your team get the score they need with the co-creator of the IELTS test

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English Online combines live classes taught by expert teachers with premium online learning activities and assessments
  • Global 24-hour schedule Included
  • Personalised learner pathways Included
  • Free initial English assessment Included
  • Live, interactive group and private classes Included
  • Premium guided learning materials Included
  • Individual assessment and feedback Included
  • Client dashboard Included
  • Free consultation and programme design Included
  • Group onboarding or easy-to-scale vouchers Included

Tailored learning pathways to achieve your organisation's goals

We will partner with you to build training programmes that are tailored to your workforce needs and which close skills gaps. Our experienced consultants will create learning pathways to suit your needs, timelines and budget and help you measure impact.

Identify goals and pathways
Establish intensity
Test, place and benchmark learners
Select content and assessment
Learners build their schedule
Assessment, feedback and analytics

Assessment, reporting and analytics

A range of assessments, reports and dashboards are available to help you track your employees’ progress and improvement.

  • Placement testing on entry
  • Comprehension and fluency assessments by qualified teachers
  • Progress and assessment dashboards
  • Certificates of achievement

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What reports are available?

  • Workforce benchmarking by level.
  • Individual attendance, engagement and progress reports show what your staff are learning and the speed of their progress.
  • Assessment reports can be designed to show individual test scores, fluency assessment and recommended areas of improvement.

What assessment is available?

  • Initial English assessment to benchmark your workforce, recommend duration and courses that best meet learning needs and goals.
  • Asynchronous auto-marked assessments cover the language points from each theme and provide instant results.
  • Individual fluency assessments, conducted by qualified teachers, are also available.
  • Formal assessment options are also available through the British Council’s assessment division.

What certification is available?

Learners can receive an official certificate of attendance after successfully completing a theme.

Formal assessment options are also available through the British Council’s assessment division.

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