New Years resolutions and why I can’t keep them

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In her winning blog, English Online student Amira Molina talks about something we can ALL relate to. New Year’s resolutions and why it’s so hard to keep them.

Yesterday was Christmas, and I bought myself a mini gratitude journal to write in, every day of the year. It is not an easy resolution to make.

Here are some of my other easy resolutions:

Watch less NETFLIX

    • It’s not like I’m an addict or anything, I just like to watch back-to-back episodes of a crime or horror series until it’s finished. You can’t expect me to be on edge all week.

Buy less superficial things

    • like shoes, bags and clothes – I always try to convince myself, remembering the quote “a human being comes into the world with nothing and leaves with nothing.” But when I’m in ZARA, I forget it…

Go back to the gym

    • Okay yes, but, mind you, not because I’m fat. It’s just that I felt very unsociable in 2022 and I really should interact with more people.

Call my mother more often

    • which also means she’ll remind me that I’m getting older and that I need to get a man… and that we need to grow old together.

Be less bossy with my daughter

    • It’s not easy, I still need help with cleaning the flat.

Be less of a neat freak

    • Ok, I’ll try not to clean every day… (but that’s not so healthy. I have Simba, my cat, and there’s a lot of his hair lying around).

Cook healthier

    • I’m not saying I don’t like vegetables, but I just love cheese and a great piece of barbecued meat!

Travel more, do excursions, see more nature

    • After the pandemic I was a bit scared to take a plane again or even just leave the country by bus. Now I feel more confident that everything will be fine. I just need to find the right time, the right person to travel with, clean my boots, and find a cat sitter. Easy!

Dance more

    • Dancing makes me smile and feel good, no matter if I do it with other people or alone. Just dance…. But not to “la macarena” or I’ll kill myself.

What do you think? Are they realistic? Will I be able to meet my goals, or do you think I’ve already given up? Who knows, maybe I will surprise myself!

Happy 2023 to all!  And don’t write your resolutions on a paper napkin… apparently, it’s easy to lose. 

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