How does the transfer from MyClass to Engish Online work?

English Online

The transfer to English Online is available at any point of time, from today, up until 31 August. We will stop delivering MyClass online lessons starting from 1 September.

You will automatically receive 1.5 English Online credits for every MyClass credit you hold at the moment of transfer, this is because lessons are correspondingly shorter. The earlier you decide to switch the more credits you will have on your English Online account.

Please note that if you use all of your myClass credits up before 31 August then you can purchase new credits directly from English Online.

For all subsequent purchases, English Online offers monthly subscription plans. You can decide how many live online classes you want to join each month and choose the best flexible plan for you. The best part is that you can pay for your courses online in just a few clicks.

All our current students will be able to take advantage of a special discount / price freeze for the twelve months following the date of transfer – an offer we making available exclusively to you to ensure that the cost of learning will remain very close to our local# current MyClass offer. Please expect further communication about discounts available for you once you join English Online courses.

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