How do I track my progress?

English Online About our online classes

Our classes are organised in specific themes, according to their topic. One theme consists of 6 lessons and the topics range from social and cultural topics to business-oriented ones. While completing themes is not mandatory, at the end of each theme you will unlock a 2-part assessment.

To track your progress, we highly recommend that you complete this assessment at the end of each theme.

The assessment consists of 2 parts:

  • Theme challenge: You have 30 minutes to complete 2 language exercises (grammar and/or vocabulary) and 2 text activities (reading and/or listening). Note that your quiz starts as soon as you click on “Start the challenge”! Your score will be saved after 1 attempt and you cannot retake it.
  • Private speaking test: 25 minutes (2 credits). You will be able to book this test after completing the theme challenge.

After the speaking test, you will receive a feedback report from your teacher within 24 hours and you will also receive a digital badge in return for your hard work!

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