English for Work – What’s in it?

About the English for Work course

You will receive immediate access to your course once you complete the payment. You can start straight away or up to 4 weeks from the date of payment. Once you start, you will have a total of 6 weeks to complete one module and you are responsible for booking and attending 1 class per week before the end date of the course.

Each module (6 weeks) includes:

6 x 55-min live group classes: Our live online group classes are delivered by British Council online teaching experts. You must book and attend one class per week for six weeks.

24 hours of online exercises to do before and after the live class: Each week you will complete 4 hours of exercises connected with your live class, in your own time. Remember that the exercises before class are an excellent way to gain knowledge of the topic prior to engaging in class discussion. You will be prepared in advance to ask questions and your teacher will have additional time in class to focus on the more challenging material. The online exercises after class will help you consolidate what you learnt in the live class.

12 x 25-min live-stream language sessions (Live25): Join 12 live stream language sessions that focus on one aspect of English grammar or pronunciation. Taught by one of our expert British Council teachers, each live session is 25 minutes long, and will help you improve your knowledge of English so that you can write and speak with more accuracy.

In every Live25 Grammar session your teacher will explain different areas of grammar going through what they mean and how to use them. Examples include the verb tenses (present, past and future), or those related to parts of speech (adverbs, prepositions, comparatives) or questions (question tags, question formation).

In every Live25 Pronunciation session your teacher will demonstrate different aspects of pronunciation: sounds and their combinations, word stress, sentence stress and intonation. You will learn how to speak more naturally and how to understand fast connected speech in English.

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