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Online English courses to meet your goals and personal learning needs. Learn to communicate confidently, at work, in life or your studies.

  • Live classes with expert teachers
  • Interactive activities
  • British Council certification

3 reasons why English Online courses are best for you

Our English Online courses offer different activities to ensure that you get the most of your learning experience.

Live online classes with expert teachers

Improve your English in live online classes, with students from around the world. Each class is delivered by experienced British Council teachers who will give you individual feedback and guidance. Choose your own schedule.

Teacher-led grammar webinars

Interactive lessons to hone your skills: Engage with hundreds of guided online lessons and activities, tailored to your goals. Enhance your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through a variety of topics. Get instant feedback on your results.


Guided online exercises

Certified results: Get a British Council certificate when you successfully complete each course. Courses are available at different levels. Demonstrate your achievements.


English courses designed to meet your goals

English for Work

Accelerate your career. With interesting practical business scenarios, you will refine your communication in the workplace.

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IELTS preparation

Get great results. Attend preparation group lessons, access hundreds of practice test hours, and pass your exam with flying colours.

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English for Work

Course prices starting from
6 weeks
Learn online with our business English experts to communicate with confidence in professional situations. Improve your ability to talk about many workplace topics and express your ideas and opinions.


Course prices starting from
30% Discount
3 months
Prepare for Academic or General Training IELTS to maximise your IELTS score. Join our fully personalised online IELTS preparation course with IELTS experts through online group and private live classes, and online practice activities.

How a British Council course changed their lives

Poliana (English Online student)

“This course helped with my goals as I am always looking for opportunities to travel abroad for work. It helped me keep in contact with English and improve my level. I learned new things like vocabulary, and at the same time stayed in contact with the language from the comfort of my home. These classes helped me address these doubts and become more confident while speaking. All the courses are different and complimentary, and do not overlap with each other, so if you want to learn English and be in contact with the language, multiple courses are helpful.”

Gowthamasanghar (English Online student)

“The course helped me improve my fluency. It also helped improve my vocabulary and grammar. I had joined the British Council as a Pre-Intermediate student. Now I am at the Upper-Intermediate level. That has been the improvement. I’ve grown more confident and I can speak with everyone without any hesitation. I think that everyone should complete three courses because each one has different learnings which everyone must learn. Therefore, I suggested this to my friends also.”

Sharad Shekhar (English Online student)

“The courses helped me to develop my fluency and vocabulary. Earlier, I used to pause/break while speaking because I didn’t have the words to express myself. Now I’m much more fluent and have more words in my dictionary. My basics in all areas of a language such as vocabulary, grammar and writing skills have improved along with my confidence. The course helped my pronunciation develop and helped me to become a fluent English speaker.”

Need a little more information?

English for Work – What’s in it?

You will receive immediate access to your course once you complete the payment. You can start straight away or up to 4 weeks from the date of payment. Once you start, you will have a total of 6 weeks to complete one module and you are responsible for booking and attending 1 class per week before the end date of the course.

Each module (6 weeks) includes:

6 x 55-min live group classes: Our live online group classes are delivered by British Council online teaching experts. You must book and attend one class per week for six weeks.

24 hours of online exercises to do before and after the live class: Each week you will complete 4 hours of exercises connected with your live class, in your own time. Remember that the exercises before class are an excellent way to gain knowledge of the topic prior to engaging in class discussion. You will be prepared in advance to ask questions and your teacher will have additional time in class to focus on the more challenging material. The online exercises after class will help you consolidate what you learnt in the live class.

12 x 25-min live-stream language sessions (Live25): Join 12 live stream language sessions that focus on one aspect of English grammar or pronunciation. Taught by one of our expert British Council teachers, each live session is 25 minutes long, and will help you improve your knowledge of English so that you can write and speak with more accuracy.

In every Live25 Grammar session your teacher will explain different areas of grammar going through what they mean and how to use them. Examples include the verb tenses (present, past and future), or those related to parts of speech (adverbs, prepositions, comparatives) or questions (question tags, question formation).

In every Live25 Pronunciation session your teacher will demonstrate different aspects of pronunciation: sounds and their combinations, word stress, sentence stress and intonation. You will learn how to speak more naturally and how to understand fast connected speech in English.

What are the levels and how long does it take to move up a level?

Our English for Life and for Work courses are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), the international standard for English language learning: Elementary (A1); Pre-Intermediate (A2); Intermediate (B1) and Upper-Intermediate (B2).

To move up a level you need to complete 3 modules. Each module has a duration of 6 weeks from the date of payment and you are responsible for booking and attending 1 class per week before the end date of the course.

You can register for 6 weeks, 12 weeks or 18 weeks. After completing a module, you can sign up for more and add modules as you go. Once you have completed 3 modules (18 weeks), you will automatically join the next level. If you feel you are ready to move up a level earlier, please contact our friendly Customer Support team.

If you feel you need to change your level for any reason, please contact our Customer Support team immediately after your first live class. We will move you to the right level and you will restart your course. Level changes are not permitted if they are not requested in your first week.

Why choose our English for Work course?

The English for Work course is designed to improve your English language skills and is tailored to your specific study motivations, language goals and needs.

You will:

  • Join one 55-minute live group class every week and learn English in a vibrant and international setting with students and teachers from around the world.
  • Practise in your own time and at your own pace. You will get instant feedback to track your progress with engaging, structured online exercises that will help you improve your listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary skills. There are online exercises to complete before and after every live class.
  • Access our Live25 grammar and pronunciation sessions that will help you improve your theoretical knowledge so you can speak English with more accuracy in your day-to-day life.
  • Our English for Work course is suitable for students looking to communicate with confidence in professional situations.

    The English for Work course is only available for students that are 18 years old or above.

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