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Sound as natural as possible when speaking with Annas tips on connected speech!

When people are learning English, they often pronounce words as they appear in print. Find out about how you can sound more like a native English speaker with Annas’ mini English lesson on connected speech.

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What exactly is English Online?

Well, simply put: It’s live flexible online English classes.

Our classes are:

  • Available 24/7 – you choose class times to suit your schedule
  • Catered to your needs – you choose themes to suit your learning goals (if you only want to learn business English – you can!)
  • You can also choose between private and group classes.

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Self-study online courses

Maybe you’re exclaiming, “hold on! I only came here because I liked the video I saw on TikTok!”

Well…Fair enough. If you’re a lone wolf, and prefer studying by yourself, we have something for you too.

Learn English at your own pace with bite-sized exercises for only £5.99 per month

Our English Online self-study course gives you the low-cost way to reach your goals in English.

You can improve your English language level and your professional communication skills, and learn how to express yourself with confidence to boost your career.

  • Fun exercises created by English experts
  • Earn certificates and badges
  • On-the-go, affordable learning

Your subscription includes live teacher-led webinars where you can learn about grammar and vocabulary directly from a teacher.

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