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Are you a creative bubbling with lots of content ideas? Then join us in our mission to help others learn English.


What we're looking for

Creative people who love making content!

Do you have a passion for storytelling? How about an original take on video creation? Can you craft content that captivates an audience from the first couple of seconds?

If the answer to these three questions is, ‘Yes, absolutely!’ then we’d love you to be part of our team.

How it works?

send your best videos to us to showcase your talent.
produce content that you think would best serve our mission.
get paid for each
video you create.

Why partner with us?

The British Council is a globally recognised organisation known for its high-quality English classes. Part of our mission is to expand the reach of English and promote learning.

When you partner with us, you’re joining efforts with our commitment to top-tier English education with a legacy and credibility.

Partnering with us not only enhances your content offerings but also opens up rewarding opportunities. You can choose to promote our courses for a monetary reward or receive access to our language learning courses in exchange for your promotional efforts.