How to tell an anecdote

How do you tell an anecdote really well?  Let’s start with what an anecdote is. It’s a short story about something funny, surprising or […]

Latin words in everyday English

Did you know that there are lots of words used in English that are actually borrowed from other languages?  In this blog post, we’re […]

5 interesting adjectives to describe books

I read a good book. I read a bad book…  Here are 5 much more tasty adjectives to describe your favourite books and films! […]

How to pronounce past tense endings

Today’s mini English lesson is about how to pronounce ed endings. These are common in regular past simple verbs, regular past participles, and also […]

How to take really good notes

In this English for Life episode, Cara gives you some note-taking methods to help you take notes you’ll actually be able to understand when […]

How to use relative clauses

How do we use relative clauses? And why are they split into defining and non-defining? Let’s start with what a relative clause is. It’s […]

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