Music vocabulary: Going to a concert

Read this blog to learn about the music vocabulary you need when going to a concert. When you’re on holiday, you sometimes decide to […]

Mini English Lessons: present simple v. present continuous

What’s the difference between the present simple and the present continuous?  British Council teacher, Zina, explains when to use the present simple and when […]

How to Ace Your Business Presentation in English

So, you need to make a business presentation in English. First of all, congratulations! To be in your position, you must have invested a […]

Mini English Lessons: used to

What’s the difference between: “I used to drive on the left” and “I’m used to driving on the left”?  In her Mini English Lesson, […]

Mini English Lessons: How to use will

Did you know there are 5 main ways to use the future simple?  Offers, requests, promises, predictions and immediate decisions. That’s it. After watching […]

How to tell a joke

Are you good at telling jokes? Yes? Excellent! But, have you ever been in a situation where you start telling a joke and you […]

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