Where’s the perfect place to learn English? My bathroom

learn english in bathroom

Author: Alison Rodriguez , English Online student

Warning, what you’re about to read is revolutionary and could become addictive.

Let me tell you how I made the accidental discovery of the office-bathroom.

Cooped up in my home for two years, I transformed the rooms of my house into a playground, a cinema, a meeting room, and even a gym. Despite the makeover, I could never find a room quiet enough to attend class from.

Someone would always, come in and interrupt or make funny noises to bother me and my classmates. One day, driven by desperation, I locked myself in my bathroom.

Outside, a dog was barking, my mom was singing, my sister was fighting with my brother, and my dad was coughing, but inside the bathroom, every sound disappeared, and I found divine peace. “Bingo!” I thought. “I’ve got it!”

Now wait a minute. I know you’re judging me, so let me explain.

It was 7 am, and my family was getting out of the bed. I had my English Online class, and seeing as every other room was taken, I ran to the bathroom, put my laptop on the toilet lid, my books on the laundry basket and sat down on the bath mat.

That day, I had a great class, without any background noise. Just me, my teacher and my classmates.

The bathroom office worked so well, I even decided to attend my graduation ceremony from there. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?! It was over Zoom of course, but I can proudly say that my wall was the most beautiful of all and I had the best lighting due to the two ring lights I set up on each side of my camera.

I’ve had some great moments in my bathroom-office, including job interviews, catch-ups with friends, and even a baby shower – Not mine, chill out.

My beloved reader, as you may have already guessed, even now, I am writing to you from my bathroom. I’ve attended at least 40 English Online classes here in my office-bathroom.

Now, I know, maybe you are thinking “why didn’t she go to her room?” or, “why didn’t she tell her family to be quiet?” My family, beloved reader, is numerous. It is easier to calm down a dozen monkeys than to ask them to be quiet. This is why the office-bathroom discovery was life changing.

Nowadays, I’m a normal person. I have a job and I attend my classes at work, in a REAL OFFICE, but I’m telling you this story because I would like to encourage you to
discover your home as a different place. Always. Your room today could be a gallery or a concert hall tomorrow, and the next day it could become a swimming pool. It can be whatever you want. Perhaps you think that I’m being unrealistic, but I really do believe life is a game and it’s easier to transform spaces than you might think.

I’m glad to have had the experience of attending class from my office-bathroom. The humour of it helped break up the routine of my day, and turned uncomfortable situations into moments where I could laugh at myself. I’d say we should always face the reality and uncomfortable moments of the world with spontaneous, creative and human attitudes.

And really, there’s nothing like learning English from my office-bathroom.