What does English Online Classic Course offer?

English Online Classic Course About English Online Classic Course

We offer students a 100% online English learning experience. Our online general English course will help you improve your language skills and confidence so that you can use English with ease in your day-to-day life. You will study in small groups of maximum 8 students per class and you will be part of a vibrant and motivated online community that will help you reach your study goals with ease.


The duration of an English Online course is 10 weeks and includes the following:

  • 55-minute group classes with maximum 8 students per session. You will attend 3 of these classes per week for the entire duration of your course. These classes include a set topic and focus on speaking and listening tasks. You will learn with other students at the same level as you, and you will receive instant feedback on your speaking, grammar and vocabulary. At the end of each class, the teacher will share valuable class materials with you for additional practice.
  • 25-minute grammar or pronunciation webinars called Live25 sessions. You will attend 4 of these webinars per month for the entire duration of your course. You can use these sessions as an opportunity for additional practice between your regular group classes – if you need extra help with understanding English verb tenses or  how to use intonation in a sentence, Live25 sessions offer you the opportunity to advance your knowledge! You must book these sessions yourself whenever you wish to attend them.
  • premium online exercises: each live class you attend includes access to premium online exercises that you complete before and after your live session with your teacher. These exercises will help you improve your reading, listening and vocabulary skills, as well as help you practice and revise what you have learnt after your class. In addition to this, you can also further practise your English skills with extra activities available inside your account.

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