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Why you should join our affiliate network

  • 80+ years' teaching expertise
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What is English Online

English Online is a 100% online teacher-led course offered by the British Council. Students can improve their English skills by using our easily accessible interactive platform, exploring our flexible timetable options and joining live online classes whenever it suits them – all from the comfort of their own home.

In group classes they can join students from around the world in live online classes suited to their specific skill level. With small and effective class sizes of up to ten students, they can get the individual attention they need to truly enhance their English proficiency.

In a private class, they get one-on-one tuition from one of our teachers. The teachers for our private classes have been specifically trained in one-on-one tuition and can focus on individual needs.

Currently, students can choose between our English Online subscription plans and our IELTS Coach preparation courses.

English Online offers proven, quality teaching that delivers real results.

How it works

Become our affiliate

Becoming our affiliate is easy. Just fill in the application form and we will get back to you.

Recommend our English Online offers

Create a tracking link and recommend our offers to an audience that is looking for English language lessons.

Earn a revenue share for each user who books one of our offers

If a user becomes a new student by booking one of our English Online subscription plans or IELTS Coach courses, you can earn a very competitive rate. Apply to find out more.

Joining the English Online Affiliate programme is easy

  1. Fill in the application form
  2. Affiliate screening process
  3. Start generating revenue once approved

What we are looking for

We are looking for affiliates who share our mission and values, and who provide opportunities for mutually beneficial growth. We consider every affiliate application. To join our programme you need to fulfil the following requirements:


To become our affiliate, you must have an existing channel such as a website, blog or social media page. We do not accept affiliates without a live website or page to run their promotions, or those who are just getting started.


Depending on the kind of affiliate you are, we are either looking at your followers, your web traffic or both. We are looking for partners who have already built an engaged audience with consistent traffic and followers. Your website traffic needs to be at least 5,000 monthly visitors in the last 3 months. Your social media pages must have at least 1,000 followers.

When analysing your application, engagement with your channels is an important factor. It is crucial that you have a website, or at least a social media page with engagement from the visitors and updated user content. When applying, please make sure you list all websites or online channels you will use to promote our products.


For us, it is important that our partnership is successful for the both of us. That is why we also analyse whether your audience fits our courses.

Brand Alignment

The British Council is a globally-known brand so it is even more important that we make sure there is alignment between both our brands. It is crucial that our offers look coherent with what you offer on your website and we provide publishers with campaign assets to achieve that.

During the application process, potential affiliates may be asked to share additional information about any of the listed criteria.


How does English Online track bookings made through Affiliate partners?

All affiliates are given a tracking link containing a unique ID which identifies your website. Any bookings with your affiliate ID will then be attributed back to you and you will earn commission.

When do I get paid my commission?

We are paying you for every converted lead. Taking into consideration that every converted lead needs to be analysed and that there is a legal cool-off period, we will pay the commission 60 days after the conversion takes place (i.e. after the payment is charged to the student credit card).

How can I monitor my performance?

When you sign up to our affiliate programme, you will be able to access highly detailed and advanced reporting to monitor your performance. This will ensure that you can optimise, increase conversion and achieve your affiliate business goals.

Are there any costs?

No, signing up to our affiliate programme is free!

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